Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Days 30-31: Clinton Township, MI

Clinton Township is apparently the place to go for ballet. On Monday we visited the Mary Skiba School of Dance and today it's off to the Ann Parsley School of Dance home of the Macomb Ballet. We will have one more class in Clinton Township before we finish.

With school cancelations due to extreme cold in Michigan, a special single pot coffee maker on the desk at the Ann Parsley School was quite welcome. The building was not as busy as it had been when we first visited this school in summer. Then there were tap classes and students of all ages in the halls. This time the students filtered in for the master class alone, shedding heavy coats and boots.

Valery's memory for students did not fail him. Before class he described certain students and where they had stood at the barre and sure enough they reappeared for this class. The school had also not forgotten Valery. They remembered one of his favorite meals-- a feast at the Chinese Buffet, and they presented us with mapquest directions to the nearest buffet as soon as we walked in the door.

Thank you to Ann Parsley for hosting us. We hope to come again.