Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Day 37: Allard Academy of Dance

We had our doubts as to whether or not we'd ever make it to the Allard Academy of Dance. We are very grateful to Bonnie Allard for scheduling a class with Valery on very short notice. As it happens, just before the class began the first big snowstorm of the winter hit Michigan and the trip that should have taken 30 minutes took us two full hours.

In spite of the late start, the class was wonderful. The students followed easily and seemed to enjoy their time with the ballet master. The end of each class is a bit wistful as we're counting down to the end of our tour. Tonight's class at the Milligan School of Ballet in Dearborn Heights will be the last we'll see of Valery until summer.

We do have some exciting news, though. We've just been sent our first advance copy of A Child's Introduction to Ballet. It is en route from the printers overseas and the publisher is sending out copies to reviewers in the press as we speak. It looks beautiful thanks to the colorful illustrations by Meredith Hamilton.

Before he returns to Russia, Valery Lantratov will sign some bookplates. Order an advanced copy and you'll get one with Valery's autograph! Copies should be available for shipment by April, possibly as early as mid-March.