Friday, February 9, 2007

Day 29: Mary Skiba School of Dance

The most notable thing about the Mary Skiba School of Dance in Clinton Township, Michigan is Mary's personality. Mary is energetic, full voiced and expressive. She is clearly the engine that drives this thiving school.

Last summer we had three classes with Mary Skiba and Valery also taught some of his own choreography to an individual student preparing for a competition. We spent a full day at the studio and were impressed by how many students there were, and how the classes went in and out like clockwork.

It was as busy as ever at the studio when we arrived on February 5 for a late class beginning at 8PM. There were so many students preparing for competitions that we nearly got lost in the frey. It was a smaller class than the three he had previously taught, and we were disappointed that the student who had learned Valery's choreography was not able to come. I believe she is performing her dance this week. We wish all the students good luck.