Friday, February 9, 2007

Day 27: Country Roads, Take Me Home

When we approach the River City Ballet School in Charleston, Valery always starts singing "Michelle" by The Beatles in honor of the school's director, Michelle Raider. In fact, as I write this a week later, we have yet to stop humming the tune.

Because of our compacted schedule, we weren't able to stay as long in Charleston the second time around. (This photo, incidentally, was actually from our first visit and a class for younger students)

But it is always a great pleasure to come to this school and to see our new friends. We hope we'll see you all again.

After class we made the longest drive of our entire journey-- about five hours from Charleston to Perrysburg, Ohio where we'd be staying overnight and teaching two classes at a studio near Toledo in the morning.

I can tell you that it was more fun driving further and further south out of the cold temperatures than it was driving further and furhter north into the cold. By this time, the northern mid-west was in the grips of a serious cold snap with windchills around -20 F.

Carolina on my mind.