Monday, February 5, 2007

Day 24: Durham, NC

Barriskill Dance Theater is one of the newest studios in Durham. Since opening its doors last September, it has been operating side by side with a gymnastics studio on Shannon Road.

Thank you to Michael Barriskill and Elliot Pack for inviting us. It was also a rare opportunity for Valery to work with an accompanist. Barbara once worked with Maya Plitsetskaya, which gave her and Valery something to talk about.

The other subject of the day was the weather. We certainly never expected to have a class snowed out during this part of our journey, but snow is rare enough down here that the idea that the white stuff might fall was causing quite a stir. Even before we'd wrapped up our evening class, word was out that schools were going to be closed the next day in most of the region. This was a new experience for Valery who noted that if the schools in Moscow were closed every time there was snow that Russia would be full of uneducated children.

After driving through Chicago ice, and scraping the inside of our windshield when the defroster failed near Lansing, we were about to face our first cancelation due to winter weather-- in Roanoke, Virginia.