Friday, February 2, 2007

Day 21: Greensboro, NC

We would like to thank Artistic Motions Dance in Greensboro, North Carolina for booking a class with Valery Lantratov on very short notice. We were originally slated to teach two classes for Greensboro Ballet on this date, but for one reason or another they were not able to pull together enough students.

Instead we had the opportunity to work with Natalya Igitkhanyan Davison, an Armenian-born dancer who also trained at GITIS. She and Valery were able to speak (in Russian) about mutual acquaintences and experiences. They talked quite a bit about the Russian training method vs. Checcetti and the benefits of turnout. Valery is an absolute believer in the value of proper turn out and Russian foot positions. Natalya took some photos, which I will post when we receive them.

The atmosphere was relaxed and positive part of this, from our point of view, was the stunning weather. Valery is, of course, from Moscow and I am from Detroit. We'd been driving through snow and sleet and bundling up against shiver-inducing conditions and now we'd arrived in spring.

Out the window of the studio were children riding on bicycles, something you're very unlikely to see in either Moscow or Detroit in January. North Carolina is definetly the place to be at this time of year.