Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Day 9: Gary, IN

Gary, Indiana; Gary, Indiana; Gary, Indiana- my home sweet home.

Gary is one of the only cities we will visit that has its own song. At least it is one of the only cities that has a song that I know.

Day 8 was our coveted day of rest, and the last we'll have for some time. Valery discovered the joys of post Christmas sales at Kohl's and relaxed with a bit of channel surfing in the Comfort Inn. Coincidentally, it seemed to be defeat the nasty Russians night on TV with Cold War era flicks like Rocky... um, four? Where Rocky challenges the huge Soviet boxer played by Dolf Rungren and Air Force One in which the president, played by Harrison Ford, goes up against Russian speaking terrorists.

But back to ballet. Our travels now take us to Gary, Indiana. We have had wonderful classes in Gary, and have met some wonderful people. We were disappointed that we weren't able to return to the Emerson High School for the Visual and Performing Arts. We were originally slated to teach there today, but they had to cancel because they have a performance on the same day. Valery remembers that Emerson was one of the first schools that had a full compliment of skilled male dancers. We still hope to return.

Fortunately, we were able to offer a class in Gary at Dance Excel. Dance Excel's studio space is huge, and it is very lively with classes in drumming, hip hop and ballet happening simeltaneously. Valery taught to a class with a large range of ages. Again, everyone was tremendously welcoming, and they even presented Valery and I with Dance Excel t-shirts. This was especially nice, because I don't usually get presents for pushing the CD buttons. (I trained my index finger for years)
I'll be adding some more photos from this part of our trip as soon as I have better internet access, and I can play around and figure out the formatting. Thanks to Dionne Champion and everyone at Dance Excel for a successful class.

Gary, Indiana - Original Broadway Cast