Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Day 2: Wherefore Art Thou in Romeo?

While we're on the subject of Romeo, I just thought I'd drop in the fact that one of Valery Lantratov's signature roles was that of Mercutio in the ballet Romeo and Juliet. It gives me an excuse to include this performance photo, which has absolutely nothing to do with our current travels.

In this case, Romeo is a small town in Macomb County, Michigan, known for its annual peach festival and for its famous resident Kid Rock. On its welcoming main street you can find the Romeo Civic Dance Center. On the wall in one of its dance spaces is a poster that says "An expert in anything was once a beginner." It's a sentiment that seems to fit well with Valery Lantratov's teaching philosophy.

We were pleased to see many familiar faces at this studio, including the young student I mentioned in the previous post. Last time, if we remember correctly, it was summer and our class was held during the day. We appreciate the extra dedication it takes on the part of both parents and students to come and take a class after a long day at school.

Thanks again to Janece Fowler, the center's director, for hosting us and even more so for not correcting me as I called her "Denise" for most of the year.

Looking forward we begin the serious road portion of our trip, which means I may not be able to update this on a daily basis. Tomorrow we will visit one of Valery's favorite studios, The Academy of Arts in Spring Arbor. The studio is spacious, the students are dedicated and last, but not least, it's not far from Moscow. Moscow, Michigan, that is.

From Moscow we travel to Holland... Michigan. Then on to Ball State University in Muncie, the Muncie Ballet Studio and on to various universities and studios in Illinois and Indiana. I'll keep an eye out for a computer as we go along.