Thursday, January 25, 2007

Day 16: Canal Fulton, OH

You don't need to be in a major city to offer high-quality ballet instruction. Canal Fulton is nestled in the northwest corner of Stark county among the Ohio and Erie canals and the Tuscarawas river about an hour outside Cleveland. It is home to what is perhaps Valery's favorite studio in America, the Turning Pointe School of Dance.

Directed by Terry Irion, the studio's regular teachers include Dmitri Tuboltsev and Inna Strabova. Valery knows Dimitri from Russia and knew Inna by reputation. They offer high-quality training in the Russian tradition. What is more, it is always wonderful for Valery to have the opportunity to speak in Russian and discuss mutual friends back home.

The studios are spacious and open and the students learn combinations quickly and take corrections well. It is always a pleasure for Valery to work with students who understand the combinations the first time they are shown.

Valery rolled out some of his challenging combinations for a technique class followed by pointe. The class finished with fouettes, fouttes, fouttes.

You find the best studios wherever people have a passion for dance, and the commitment to create a good school.